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Catalog » natural nutrients » bones - muscles - joints » Devil's claw capsules

Devil's claw capsules
Devil's claw capsules
Modelno.: H400
Manufacturer: herbafit
16,50 EUR
(incl. 7% Tax excl. shipping)
16,50 EUR für 3-4 Monate

Natural alternative to help maintain healthy, pain-free function of muscles and joints !

Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), which is named after the striking appearance of its fruit, is indigenous to the savannahs of South Africa. Its beneficial, soothing properties are contained in its roots.

For many herbal remedy-orientated users, it represents a natural alternative, helping to maintain the healthy, pain-free function of muscles and joints.

If taken regularly over a longer period, Herbafit's Devil's claw capsules provide an expedient supplement to therapeutic exercise.

A positive side effect: The bitter substances contained in Devil's claw also have a positive effect on digestive functions.


Each can contains 200 capsules with 225 mg devil's claw root dry extract which equals the concentrate of 1,000 mg devil's claw root.


  • Devil's claw root dry extract (4.4-5.0:1) (Harpagophytum procumbens) (51 %)
  • gelatine (capsule casing)
  • lactose (filler substance)
  • magnesium stearate (separating agent)
  • silicon dioxide (filler substance).

Recommended consumption:

Swallow 1-2 capsules at mealtimes with plenty of liquid.

Our proposal for combination:

Reinforce the effect of this wonderful natural concentrate with an external use of Devil's claw balm. This warming and relaxing balm for muscles and joints contains the devil's claw concentrate. Additionally it also stimulates blood circulation and anti-inflammatory action with extracts of horse chestnut, arnica and comfrey. For a relaxing effect while a soothing massage !

Important Information! Please read carefully! Thank you !

This product is intended to be understood as a wellness product. There is no medical indication - promises of salvation are not given. There are also no health statements made ​​in connection with this product.

Therefore, if you should have problems with your bones, muscles or joints, consult your doctor, pharmacist or medical practitioner.

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