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Catalog » tea » alkanine and herb tea » alkaline tea

alkaline tea
alkaline tea
Modelno.: 348
Manufacturer: Kräuterhaus St. Bernhard
2,95 EUR
(incl. 7% Tax excl. shipping)
2,95 EUR / 100 g

Alkanine tea: Enjoyment and balancing at the same time !

Good-tasting herb tea for the support of a healthy acid-alkanine-relation of your body.


Each package contains 100 g with following ingredients:

  • lemongrass
  • fennel
  • anise
  • caraway
  • black cumin
  • raspberry leaves
  • corn stylus
  • rooibos tea
  • carrot cubes

Preparation recommendation:

Please prepare the alkanine tea according to the five golden rules:

  1. Preheat your teapot, so that the tea can release its full flavour.
  2. Depending upon your individual taste use approx. 1 teaspoon tea per cup and 1 teaspoon tea for the can. The strength of the tea can be determined best, if you use loose leaves and a tea filter. In this case first give the tea leaves to the preheated can and then wait for 3-4 minutes. So the flavour of the leaves can unfold particularly good.
  3. Now pour gushing, but not cooking water (96 °C) over the tea. Best use mineral-poor, pure water. Thus will unfold  the flavour of the tea optimal !
  4. Let the tea steep approx. for 10 minutes.
  5. Finaly only strain and enjoy your tea !

Important notes ! Please read attentively ! Thanks !

This alkanine tea from Kräuterhaus St. Bernhard is to be understood as food. This product does not serve a medical indication. Welfare promises are not given. Also no health statements in connection with the alkanine tea from Kräuterhaus St. Bernhard are made.

From there, if you should have physical problems, please ask your traditional healer, doctor or pharmacist to the consumption of the alkanine tea.

More exact information about generell neutralizing of your body you can find on our homepage or you can you contact us.  Please simply use the form for contact or call us. We will recall you immediately !

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