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Trink Wasser !
Catalog » drinking water » drinking water purification » drinking water purification » premium drinking water purification with stainless steel tap and whirler
premium drinking water purification with stainless steel tap and whirler
premium drinking water purification with stainless steel tap and whirler
Modelno.: AQ21
Manufacturer: Osmoseking
3.399,00 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. shipping)
mit Edelstahlhahn und Zubehör für den Einbau

Enjoy your drinking water in the quality of a gushing source of mountain !

This peak unit (made in Germany) possesses a filter achievement of up to 45 litres purest drinking water in 24 hours and is suitable from there in the best way for the processing of tap water for private household, vacation homes, smaller offices or praxtices. The 10-stage water purification system includes not only the membrane filtration, but also a restructuring, basic activation, ionization, vitalizing and energizing.

As a floor unit it is installed directly at your cold water connection. The filtered water with extremely good wastewater ratio (approximately 0,5-1: 1) is taken from a separate donation cock at your kitchen sink. And this ist contained in the scope of supply !

Would you like to know more about  drinking water processing ? Or would you like a simple, but short explanation about reverse osmosis and how it works ? Then have a look on our homepage. There we represented this topic for you with lots of pictures !

High quality criteria supply water quality for fastidious ones !

This molecular filtersystem is characterised by a stable framework. It consists of certified partsNSF-examined filters and an original TFC-membrane. In addition it is equipped with high-quality plug connectors and -tubes, which have examined food-quality.

In series this system is endowed with an aquastop with sensor, in order to avoid damages caused by water.

The high-quality special activated charcoal block filter with Aqualen and silver ensures optimal water quality. The Aqualen structure can already bind up to 95% of heavy metals and the silver inhibits bacterial growth in the filter.

A germ barrier previous to the donation cock protects against germs/bacteria in the reverse osmosis water and prevents recontamination of the system, thus ensuring a proper function of the membrane.

The check valve on the waste water side prevents a back contamination of the filtersystem with waste water.

For an economical water consumption a permeate pump is integrated as waste water saving module. Thus the ratio of wastewater to clean water is significantly improved.

When water pressure is below 3 bar, a booster pump is required. Thanks to this special pump, the system can be used also in high-rise buildings or areas with low water pressure without any problems.

The water ist taken over a spezial-donation cock from stainless steel.

Improved taste and oxygen content:

During normal employment and prescribed maintenance is given 2 years warranty for this molecular filter-system.

A product description and an extensive fitting instruction is enclosed in the shipment.

System specifications and dimensions:

  • system capacity: approx. 180 litres per day
  • tank capacity: 7,5 respectively 12 litres
  • retention: bis up to 99% of the ingrredients
  • the degree of pollution of the output water may have max. approx. 1500 ppm (mesurably with a conductivity-meter)
  • 1 AQUAPHOR sediment prescreener (20 µm)
  • 1 AQUAPHOR activated charcoal block prescreener with AQUALEN (0,8 µm)
  • 1 original TFC reversal osmosis diaphragm from FILMTEC
  • 1 AQUAPHOR acitvated charcoal afterfilter (0,8 µm) with integrated barrier against germs
  • entrance water pressure: at least 3,25 bar
  • optional a booster pump (with charge)

Dimensions of the equipment:

  • hight: 515 mm
  • width: 365 mm
  • deep: 187 mm

Dimensions of the tank:

12 L tank:

  • hight: 370 mm
  • diameter: 280 mm

7,5 L tank:

  • hight: 380 mm
  • diameter: 230 mm

Scope of supply:

With our experience of many years we arranged here for you an optimal molecular filter system, which has expressed a favorable price performance ratio !

The complete price contains:

  • a 5-step floor-filtering-unit made in Germany with a stable framework
  • 50 gallo high performance-FILMTEC-TFC-membrane
  • high quality plug connectors, hoses and hose safety devices
  • optional surcharge of 240 € an efficient booster pump
  • a 7,5- or 12 litre diaphragm tank
  • a special stainless steel donation cock
  • a VitaVortex-VV5-water vorticity in silver with duran glass
  • fine-materially energized filter casing
  • a high-quality aqua stop with sensor
  • a complete installation assembly set
  • all necessary hose and connecting materials
  • fitting instruction and filter change guidance
  • and forward expenses !


You have a health center or a nature welfare practice ? Gladly we would like to work together with you and in your areas with lectures in terms of the "Drinking water situation today". Just call us simply or write an Email to us and we can discuss the common possibilities, how we can spread fresh, vitalized water among humans, animals and plants ! 

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