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Catalog » natural nutrients » metabolism » beetroot powder

beetroot powder
beetroot powder
Modelno.: RBP
Manufacturer: ener-chi
16,95 EUR
(incl. 7% Tax excl. shipping)
16,95 EUR / 100 g

Do you like to drink red orange juice ?

This powder is carefully produced from the juice of freshly harvested beetroot and dried gently in a special drying process. It contains no excipients or other additives.

The beetroot powder is qualified excellent, to increase your electrolyte metabolism in case of an iron defiency. Beetroot contains b-vitamins inclusive of vitamin B12 and folic acid. In addition rootbeet supplies you strong antioxidants and natural vitamin C, binds metabolic acids and tastes outstanding good with orange juice or other citrus juices.

You can also stir this wonderful powder in water, yogurt, milk or your daily morning cereal or other foods and drinks. Strengthen your immune system every day !

In the kitchen, you can use the powder of course also for coloring foods such as homemade puddings, cakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream, noodles or soups.

Content and other informations:

This package contains 100 g high-quality beetroot powder. The ammount passes for 4 weeks, if you take 3 g (1 smooth teaspoon) daily for your favoured drink.


For this powder organically grown beetroot is freshly picked and carefully processed. Finally, the obtained beetroot juice is gently dried in a special process.

For more information, please visit our website at Please look for vital nutrients and beetroot.

Recommendations for use:

Simply give 1 smooth teaspoon ener-chi beetroot powder (about 3 g) in a large glass of your favorite beverage (about 200 ml) and stir briefly. And you're done ! Cheers !

Average nutritional values:

Nutrient contents per 100 g: calorific value: 512 kj (356 kcal)

  • albumen: 8,0 g
  • carbohydrate: 80,0 g
    thereof suggar: 63,0 g
  • fat: 0,3 g
    thereof saturated fatty acids: 0,04 g
  • dietary fibres: 0,9 g
  • sodium: 0,64 g

Important notes ! Please read attentively ! Thanks !

  • The energy-chi beetroot powder is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
  • This product from energy-chi is meant as food. This product is no medical indication. Promise of salvation is not given. There are also no health statements in connection with the energy-chi beetroot powder made by energy-chi. If you have any physical problems, please consult your medical practitioner, doctor or pharmacist to the consumption of beetroot powder.

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