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Wasser - Tipps und Infos
Trink Wasser !
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New Products
Devil's claw capsules Devil's claw capsules

A natural alternative to help maintain healthy, pain-free function of muscles and joints.

Price: 16,50 EUR
Hyaluron Serum Hyaluron Serum

Hyaluronic serum for the face, neck and neckline with a slight gel and cream consistency, contains low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids.

Price: 49,90 EUR
Acai Capsules Acai Capsules

In combination with vitamin B2, which is proven to contribute towards a normal energy metabolism and protection of the cells against oxidative stress (therefore damages caused by free radicals), acai capsules can help keep the body healthy and vitalised and the energy levels high.

Price: 15,00 EUR
Dermo Face Cream Dermo Face Cream

Revolutionary Dermo Face Cream with unique Organic Plus formula. The cream is intended for daily care of skin exposed to harmful external factors: bacteria, viruses, UV radiation, extreme temperatures and stress. It is ideal for treatment of sensitive and problematic skin as well as skin prone to allergies, struggling with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Price: 29,75 EUR
Vein Capsules Vein Capsules

Relief for tired, stress veins and legs!

Price: 11,00 EUR
Dermo Wash Face & Body Dermo Wash Face & Body

Dermo facial and body cleanser with a complex of natural peptides. Its formula is based on NUTRIVI water. The product is intended for daily care of facial skin that is prone to acne, is prone to allergies and sensitive.

Price: 19,90 EUR
moringa capsules moringa capsules

Moringa oleifera, or "tree of life", as he is in his home country, the Himalayan region of northwestern India called, is characterized by a particularly high content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Price: 15,00 EUR
Free Well 8 Free Well 8

Finest tea blend for a live full of light - in-house production - and also tastes good !

Price: 9,90 EUR
Free Well 7 orange Free Well 7 orange

Finest tea blend for dewatering and purification with sweet orange peel - in-house production - cleans up and also tastes good !

Price: 8,90 EUR
Free Well 7 mint Free Well 7 mint

Finest tea blend for dewatering and purification - in-house production - cleans up and also tastes good !

Price: 8,90 EUR
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GLA Face Cream
GLA Face Cream
49,90 EUR
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Revital Shower Gel
Revital Shower Gel
8,90 EUR
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