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New Products
Larens Golden Oil Larens Golden Oil

A composition of oils with nourishing, nutritional and protective properties. The recipe is based on 100% natural, unrefined oils from carrot root, almonds, rice, raspberry seeds, wheat germ and olives.

Price: 17,40 EUR
Coffee Scrub & Mask Coffee Scrub & Mask

Exfoliating and contouring ritual – a face and body mask that provides intense firming and slimming effect while gently exfoliating. New formula with green coffee beans extract.

Price: 23,50 EUR
Larens Thermo Balm Larens Thermo Balm

Body lotion of velvet consistency, rich in green coffee extracts, Lipout™, Biopeptide Complex. It activates the thermogenesis processes in the skin, provides slimming and firming effects, smoothens, moisturizes.

Price: 37,25 EUR
Dermo Serum Dermo Serum

A groundbreaking peptide serum, based on a unique formula of Biopeptide Complex and Nutrivi water. The serum is additionally enhanced with ectoine, creates a strongly regenerating and nourishing multifunctional cosmeceutical. Ideal as a support of treatment of sensitive and problematic skin as well as skin prone to allergies, struggling with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Price: 20,50 EUR
Serum Face, Hair & Body Repair Spray Serum Face, Hair & Body Repair Spray

A revolutionary serum peptide for the body and hair, based on a unique formula of BIOPEPTIDE COMPLEX and NUTRIVI water. A multifunctional cosmeceutical that strongly regenerates and nourishes the skin and hair. Provides long lasting protection against external factors. The serum has a soothing and repair effect.

Price: 25,00 EUR
Beauty Intensive Duo Beauty Intensive Duo

Revolution in anti-ageing treatment. A carefully composed set of two Larens signature products: Serum Face, Hair & Body Repair Spray (150 ml) und Syn Ake Eye & More (15 ml).

Price: 45,00 EUR
Enzymatic Peeling Enzymatic Peeling

ENZYMATIC PEELING is the ideal product for skin that requires cleansing, smoothing and restoring its shine. Due to the presence of synergies operating in the active ingredients of the cosmeceutical it has comprehensive actions: exfoliates, moisturises and soothes irritations.

Price: 12,50 EUR
Nails & More Repair Mask Nails & More Repair Mask

Fixing and regenerative mask for nails and cuticles. Thanks to the presence of bioactive fish collagen peptides and a range of amino acids, it regenerates, smoothes and strengthens nail plate and the cuticles around it. Perfect as a regenerative treatment after a manicure.

Price: 12,50 EUR
Revital Shower Gel Revital Shower Gel

Price: 8,90 EUR
Devil's claw capsules Devil's claw capsules

A natural alternative to help maintain healthy, pain-free function of muscles and joints.

Price: 16,50 EUR
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premium drinking water purification with stainless steel tap and whirler
premium drinking water purification with stainless steel tap and whirler
3.399,00 EUR
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Nails & More Repair Mask
Nails & More Repair Mask
12,50 EUR
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