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Wasser - Tipps und Infos
Trink Wasser !
Welcome to the "Health food store" with  a difference !
Already more than 100 years ago, Max von Pettenkofer has said:
"The art of healing can alleviate much suffering, but more beautiful is the art,
 who knows how to prevent the disease from the beginning already! "
In our shop you will find top quality products from selected manufacturers to support the self-healing powers of your body in a natural and effective way. We are specialized to ensure, that the body is cleaned at the cellular level regularly. In our eyes, this is the basis for a lasting health into old age. We recommend using products and methods, that can be integrated into the daily life simple and easy. The own tea series Freewell supports the health effectively and is also very tasty !
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Today we like to welcome you as a new customer and we want to impress you with strong performances and a noticeable good value for money. At the same time we like to convince you of highest quality of our recommended products.

We wish you all the time good well-being and look forward to hear from you !

Claudia Weßel
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Larens Golden Oil
Coffee Scrub & Mask
Larens Thermo Balm
Dermo Serum
Serum Face, Hair & Body Repair Spray
Beauty Intensive Duo
Enzymatic Peeling
Nails & More Repair Mask
Revital Shower Gel
Devil's claw capsules
Hyaluron Serum
Acai Capsules
Dermo Face Cream
Vein Capsules
Dermo Wash Face & Body
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Edelfisch Collagen günstiger ?
Free Well 7 mint
Free Well 7 mint
8,90 EUR
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Nails & More Repair Mask
Nails & More Repair Mask
12,50 EUR
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