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FAQ / Help


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. I need my order as soon as possible. How can I accelerate my payment and thereby the shipping ?

    Use PayPal for your payment and let us know your request for the delivery as soon as possible in the comments field. Via PayPal, we can see your payment immediately and we can ship your order at the same day, if the products are available. Within Germany, we ship with DPD, so that your order will reach you with a high probability within 1-2 business days.

    Wath is PayPal ?

    PayPal is an online payment service. You can pay securely, easily and quickly - and all for free:

    Safe: Your bank details are only stored at PayPal and therefore they are not transmitted again for any online purchase over the Internet.
    Simple: You pay quickly via a few clicks, because you do not have to type with every purchase the entire data bank.
    Fast: PayPal payments reach right away. We will see your payment immediately after your last click and can send your order immediately.

    How can I use PayPal ?

    Registration at PayPal: Go to the website and open your completely free PayPal account.
    Your bank details: Enter your bank account or credit card number in your PayPal account. From this account, PayPal will debit the invoice amount by direct debit.
    Ready: You can now pay with PayPal !

  2. I only ordered a small product and feel, that the shipping costs of 5,50 € are misplaced. Can we negotiate the calculation of shipping costs?

    Of course, we only charge the shipping costs, that we incur by sending itself. Just contact us and we'll tell you the shipping costs to be paid immediately.

    Here are some examples of calculation of shipping costs:

    A customer has ordered a handy button universal for his cell phone. It fits in an envelope. Thus, shipping costs are only 1.00 €.

    Another customer has ordered a topic binder salt. This fits into an A4 envelope and will be shipped for 2.50 € shipping costs.

    Yet another customer has ordered a very valuable commodity and expressly requests the insured dispatch with his own hand receipt. These shipping costs are calculated individually. Please contact us or mention this request when ordering in the "Comments" field.
  3. Do you deliver abroad, and how much the postage will cost?

    We generally deliver in some cases abroad. In this case, the shipping costs will be calculated individually. Basically we try to find the most favorable supplier.
  4. Can I order by invoice ?

    Generell beliefern wir unsere Kunden bis zur dritten Bestellung nach Zahlung per Vorkasse. Ab der 4. Bestellung können wir gerne über eine Lieferung per Rechnung sprechen. Der Rechnungsbetrag ist dann innerhalb von 7 Tagen nach Erhalt der Ware fällig.

    Generally, we supply our customers up to the third order with payment in advance. From the 4th order we can talk about a delivery with invoice. The amount of the invoice then is to be payed due within 7 days of receipt of the products without any deductions.
  5. I do not know exactly, which products fit for me in my particular situation together and work perfectly. Where can I get help relating to the selection ?

    Feel free to send us an email or call us. The counseling is free of charge and without obligation. You decide by yourself which products you want to apply. We only will give you our experience for your decision.

You still have unanswered questions ?

Give us a call: +49(0)2641- 377 99 92 or +49(0)175 - 565 25 87

Or use our contact form.

We are available for more information !

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beetroot powder
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Nails & More Repair Mask
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